1. sirfeedsandrubs:

    Im looking awfully cute tonight dont you think? ? Getting a bit heavier I think too

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  2. pudgemouthjin:






    FOREVER <3


  3. buzzfeedceleb:

    Prince Oberyn takes his revenge on the mountain — with food.

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  4. Anonymous wrote...

    I'm sure I speak for a lot of people when I say that we love to hear you talk in your videos! One of my favorite videos was a video in which you teased yourself about how you were fat and "you wanted more". (I think either made the video private or deleted it) but please do some more talking if you can. I love it! ;)

    hm i dunno… all the videos i have up, are public at the moment… no private ones. maybe it got taken down a while ago, i don’t know. i had a few on private a few months ago, but they are public again. maybe you have to look through my vids again. it should be there.

    im trying to do talking videos from time to time, im just always so nervous haha

    but i know, you guys seem to like those

  5. Anonymous wrote...

    Hey! I would love to make a donation in return for a private video. Could you give me an email to contact you at? :)

    message me with anon off, and we can talk about it

  6. Anonymous wrote...

    kik me!! i like fat guys brooke23399

    im not using kik anymore

  7. Anonymous wrote...

    Have you been getting some awesome comments in real life from people you know lately? Your face has really filled out! :)

    not really to be honest…

    i guess, friends and family are just too shy to say anything about it…

  8. Anonymous wrote...

    I wanna come over to you and stuff you til you burst. Then I wanna rub your pig belly and use it as a soft pillow as we cuddle and watch cartoons. Sound like fun? :)

    geeee, sounds like a lot of fun to me!

  9. Anonymous wrote...

    Despite being from a different country your English is amazing.


    it’s just, i make those stupid mistakes while talking haha i guess, it’s because im nervous :)

  10. Anonymous wrote...

    This is probably a dumb question but what camera do you record and take your pictures with?

    there are no dumb questions ;)

    hm most of the time just my phone.  its a sony xperia z2.

    Otherwise i have a sony HDR-PJ10 Video Camera and a Sony Alpha 57 SLT Camera, which i’m using from time to time.

    Thanks for Asking :)